Search an event and sell your tickets

1 Publish your tickets

you don't know how sell the tickets that you have left? Did you buy tickets for some event and finally you can't go? Has your friend left you at the last minute and you have tickets that left over? Don't you worry!

Announce free your tickets in our web and you can put the price to the tickets that you want to sell. We remind you that he closer the price is to the reality of the market, the more chances you have to sell your ticket!

2 Send your tickets, for free!

Once you have sold your tickets, you can upload them directly to plataforms, or in case that are physical tickets, tell us for we pick up the ticket with a message service

In this case, we pick up the ticket as soon as possible to give them to the buyer, so you are both satisfied with the purchase-sale of the tickets

3 Get your payment

Sell your ticket is very simple and comfortable. We are the ones who take care of charging the buyer and that you receive in your bank account the price of your tickets once the event has passed and all guarantees have been fulfilled. That easy!